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Found 4 results

  1. Cava

    Cava's Profiles

    Hello WEPW-Community First of all realy sorry for my typos but English isnt my native language, (Please use only English or Portuguese, if you report bugs oe something), second lets improve this wonderful bot with special profiles. I can only say thanks and keep your good job devs, profile plugings and CR writers, Thank You All. About my profiles ( Cava's profiles) Will be: -Quest leveling profiles. All Horde 1 to 12: Done -Grind leveling profiles. All Horde 1 to 12: Done -Gathering leveling profession profiles Aliance mining 1 to 325:Done, Aliance Herbalism 1 to 325:Done -Gathering mats profiles Will try all 100% AFK with no babysitting V4 released : Horde questing 6 to 12 + Horde grinding 1 to 12 CavaProfiles-v4.rar
  2. Make sure to read the notes I included in the text file. I used this for 1-375 for TBC Also used this for 1-300 SoM Herb.Mining.zip
  3. Burning Steppes Route avg is about 100gph Have seen 150gph as well. Includes a bunch of Black list to avoid lava and trouble spots 2 routes 1 include the "Caves" which is the east side of the map. There are almost no blacklists on this route (Except the lava) so it will try for all herbs / ore / Lotus. (this path is still in testing) The other "No Caves" has a ton of blacklists and it misses some Lotus I find this to be the more afk and better route right now. I have hundreds and hundreds of hours into this No Caves path. [A]-Burning Steppes-No Caves 275-375.json [A]-Burning Steppes - Caves 275-375.json
  4. This profile is for Herbalism and Mining in Terokkar Forest Please leave feedback on how it works for you. AH-HM-Terokkar Forest.json