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SOM/TBC - Enhancement Shaman 10-19


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This is a modified, tuned and tested profile, updated from the included Enhancement Profile. Made for TBC, should work fine in Vanilla/SOM though. It uses:

- Flametongue Weapon (MH only - no dual wield yet at this level)

- Strength of Earth Totem

- Searing Totem

- Lightning Shield

- Earth Shock at 20% mob health (for a quicker kill, especially if they're a mob that flees)

- Healing wave under 40% health

- Gift of the Naaru for you Draeni (same as the built-in Enhancement profile)

It doesn't include Ghost Wolf, Healing Stream Totem, or other abilities you get at lvl 20, and I don't plan to built a rotation for lvl 20+. It also doesn't use Stoneclaw Totem on pulling multiple mobs, I found it better to just use Searing Totem to kill them all quickly. You'll want a lot of water in your bags, but even with Lightning Shield enabled I found it pretty efficient overall - mobs die quickly even if you need to drink more.

Let me know if there's any feedback after you try it, this was a fun little project to refine but it's not perfect. I used it to level my AH alt so I can go from mailbox to AH faster in Thunder Bluff using Ghost Wolf. It probably took more time than it saved, but that's normal for geek projects. 😄 

Shaman - Enhancement 10-19.rar

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