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Proxy and Client Duplication guide to prevent chain bans and main bans <3


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Hello community, and happy botting! Today's lesson, is about securing your accounts and creating low resource and limited telmetry instances for your bots. Fuck Bobby Kotick.

Edit: You must rename 1Wow.exe back to WowClassic.exe when you are finished setting up the folder, WEPW will not register the client as a WoW client unless you do so. This will not have an effect on ProxyCap, as the rules for the proxy are delegated by file path and not just the name of the program.

I made this post to help aware people on the use of proxies to help mitigate chain bans, as well as isolate  your bot accounts from your main account.There are a lot of people that aren't aware of the importance of good proxies, this guide will be focused on Socks5 proxies in particular. As they are a one size fits all type of proxy (http(s) integration, as well as proxying your own system network, and porting data through a secure channel to allow isolation of applications, so here we go.

Before we begin, there are two software downloads that we will be using for this guide:



Why use a proxy?
This subject has been discussed a lot.
A proxy will not reduce your ban rates, that is not the point of them (just as in using a VM, though that seems controversial). It will solidify that WHEN you are banned, only the char/account using that proxy is banned.
I am using "WHEN" because, you will always get banned at least once if you use bots.

What proxies are there?
There are many kinds of proxies, but the most common are HTTP & Socks5.
HTTP: A HTTP proxy will ONLY handle HTTP traffic, this is where many people go wrong with wow. use a socks proxy.

Proxy Software:
I am personally using ProxyCap, it's easy to set up and it has a simple interface.

Proxy Addresses:
I suggest getting a paid proxy. There are many sites out there to get proxies.
Using a free one, has a bigger chance of getting you banned. Free proxies and VPNs are most likely already blacklisted, which is why using a VPN is actually a BAD idea in regards to account safety, unless they provide dedicated socks5 proxy services (which are most likely data center proxies anyway, more on that later). Try and get a private, and you will be good.
Proxies For You is what i use, alongside private suppliers.

Guide Part 1: Resource reduction and Deployment without battlenet services

1. Open your wow folder.

2. Copy Paste your WoW.exe and rename it to something WoW.exe (I.e. "1 WoW.exe") Make sure that your filename ends with WoW.exe (Most bots and programs will look for WoW.exe, so if you call it "WoW 1.exe" then it won't recognize it.) Furthermore, you should create folders for your new client and it's dependencies. For example:



Create your folders first, then drag your copied wow client into it. Please note that this is the "WowClassic.exe" and not the "World of Warcraft Launcher.exe". You should be manually going into your folder and starting the client that way, as the battle net launcher will not boot that way. You will have to login each time, but it's well worth it to eradicate background processes that are telemetry and just cause more process allocation. The steps are in the below pictures. DO NOT COPY THE DATA FILE INTO THE FOLDER, IT WILL GET SYMBOLICALLY LINKED WITH "LinkShellExtension" IN THE SECTION BELOW. This will reduce resource usage by almost 10x (disk space and read wise, especially if running the clients on a dedicated SSD".




New Folder:



Go to the primary/original folder and right click "Data", click pick link source. Afterwards, go to your "1Wow" folder, right click on an empty space, hover "Drop As", and choose the option to create a symbolic link.



Now that we got that taken care of, let's see the difference in HDD/SSD resources that the folder takes up. First picture is your source folder, the second picture will be your "1Wow" folder.


That's an allocation of ten times less resources, which has made a huge difference in performance in my experience, to launch wow go into the "Classic" folder, and double click on your "WowClassic.exe" file. Folders are highlighted for you, click from left to right to get to your new client. To log in, just enter the same information you used to create your battlenet / wow account.



As you can see, everything works according to plan. I would advise you not to launch the client until you have completed the rest of this guide, and have your data going through a secure channel.





** And there you have it, the first part is over, now let's get to  work on protecting your digital gamer coins (gp) from being chain banned like a crypto scam on coinbase. **


PART 2: Securing the bag (proxy deployment)

1. Install ProxyCap  & Restart your PC when prompted. Make sure your bios / windows has virtualization enabled. For more info, check the model of your bios, and look up how to enable virtualization for that model / chipset.
2. Right Click the ProxyCap Icon and click Configuration


3. Click on Proxies to the left (under RuleSet)
4. Click the "New Proxy Server" icon (This does not have any text, but is a white logo with some gold on top) It's in the top right corner.




5. Give it a Display Name: I recommend using this syntax: Country X. (I.e. London 1)
6. Make sure type is set to Socks5 (should be standard).
7. Write your IP address in Hostname (I.e. <- This is localhost, don't use that lol..
8. Write your port: (I.e. 27015) <- Guess a game..
9. If you have locked access to your proxy with a username and password, enable "Proxy requires authentication" and write in username and password.



10. Click OK
11. Click on Rules to the left (under RuleSet)
12. Click the "Quick Add Rule" icon (This does not have any text, but is a white logo with some gold on top) It's in the top right corner.



13. Make sure the Rule Action you choose is "Redirect through proxy".
14. Click on (Default) under proxy and choose your newly made proxy from before
15. Click on Specify under Program
16. Click the three dots ... To the right of the box under Specify and select your new wow.exe file (I.e. "1 WoW.exe")
17. Under Transports Check TCP and UDP.
18. Give it a name under Rule Name. I suggest using your wow name here.  (I.e. "1 WoW.exe")



19. Click OK

20. ????

21. Profit

If you start your game through the newly made exe file (go into the new folder you've created and double click on the "1WoWClassic.exe" it will run through your proxy.
You can check to see if your configuration is working by replacing your IP in Proxies with a random IP configuration.
Try to connect to a server, if it does not connect with a random IP address that isn't working, it will not get a connection. This means the exe file is running through the proxy.
Another way is by double clicking Proxy Cap icon. If your game is in the list, you know that it's going through a proxy.

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