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Combat Rogue leveling rotation 1-70


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This is combat rogue leveling rotation that can be used for grinding/gathering or with questing profiles.

For using poisons you must create 2 macro in Character specific macro section,NOT general


Macro name for mainhand weapon:

Macro code:

/use Instant Poison
/use 16

Macro name for offhand weapon:

Macro code:

/use Instant Poison
/use 17

Change name of poison in macro according to name Instant Poison II,III,IV,V,VI or VII

Atm only Instant poison supported

Rotations are in separate folders--1 is for using with stealth and to pickpocket,but pickpocket is not 100% accurate and other is for pure farming 

Rotation by itself uses ALL healing potions available ingame,stealths and pickpockets if target can be pickpocketed and then normal combat rotation


For any issues with it write here or contact me on discord : speedysaky#8556



Rogue Macro for poisons.txt



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