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Retribution paladin leveling rotation 1 - 80


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This is ret paladin leveling rotation usable from 1-70 with built in self healing,shielding,using potions and removing debuffs i ran along while leveling

update 10/08---Added Purifying out of combat for 99% debuffs that mobs trigger,if something not on the list let me know

                           should work from lvl 1 correctly now

update 23/08--Added Sanctity aura usage,Exorcism,Crusader while mounted

For any issues with it write here or contact me on discord : speedysaky#8556

update 31/08-- updated for Wotlk

update 06/09-- Added use Flash of Light if The Art of War procc and HP <80%
                       --Added use Exorcism if The Art of War procc 

update 08/09--fixed wrath and crusader strike

16/09--should properly use heal in combat,judgements and Protection spells











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