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WIP Warlock leveling rotation 1 - 70


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As it name says rotation for leveling or grinding,capable to run from lvl 1 - 70

included pet summons, if you have no shards it will summon imp,as soon as you have shards it will summon felguard or VW,buffing,wanding,health potion usage

update 23/08 -- Should correctly summon imp if no pet,or Felguard/VW if you got shards,CoA as opening spell

update 25/08 -- Fixed AGAIN pet summoning--first summon imp if no pet,it there is imp then summon VW or Felguard, Added Create Healthstone and usage for it

Also for helping pet in multiple mob fight you need to create macro ingame in CHARACTER specific Macros 

Macro name:



Macro code:

/tar [@pettarget]


and RELOAD UI after creating macro so the bot loads it


For any issues with it write here or contact me on discord : speedysaky#8556

12/09--fixed and implemented all HS create and usage












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