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WOTLK Alliance Eastern Kingdoms questing profiles


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As its name says this is alliance southern eastern kingdom,so SW and under main city questing profile thread.

All profiles have vendors included and will be updated accordingly to your feedback.


For any issues,ideas,improvements and bugs with it write here or contact me on discord : speedysaky#8556














[Speedy]Redridge Mountains.lua [Speedy]Duskwood.lua

[Speedy]Elwynn Forest - Alliance.lua

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02.08.2022. Added Dun Morogh and Loch Modan quests--not tested

07.08.2022. Added all zones for Eastern Kingdoms,not tested so send me feedback

11.08.2022.Removed Jungle Secrets quest from profile,not doable atm

15.08.2022. Fixed Alterac and Arathi

23.08.2022. Rearranged quest order for Elwynn(added more quests) afk,Redridge(added mroe quests),Duskwood(added more quests),added all quests for STV 

25.08.2022. Tested full Loch Modan,has some nav issues but doable 90%

                     Tested Elwynn 90% afk(some SW walking issues),Westfall 85% afk(some SW walking issues),tested Redridge Mountains 90% afk

                     Wetlands profile reviewed,added quest and 100% tested,90% afk 

14/09--fixed Redridge and Duskwood--i hope

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  • Speedysaky changed the title to WOTLK Alliance Eastern Kingdoms questing profiles
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