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WIP Enha shaman leveling


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This is a WORK IN PROGRESS but

Uses Stoneskin and Stoneclaw totem

Enchants Rockbiter and should do Windfury also

Interupts targer

Lightning bolt,Flameshock working

Should use Stormstrik

Implemented HEALTH pot usage

Implemented CLAM opening

uses Ghost Wolf out of combat

Self healing and Gift of Naaru if you are Draenei


For all information and problems write here or contact me on discord     speedysaky#8556



09/09--fixed and implemented ALL ranks of Stoneclaw,Stoneskin and Searing totem into rotation

10/09--Stoneclaw,Stoneskin,Searing Totem summon working,Windfury Weapon enchant implemented,Rockbiter and Flametongue





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42 minutes ago, RYAN Morlan said:

This does not work at all for me, fails to load, i cannot get any of the rotations to work, it just spams earthshock and dies?

Hey mate, make sure you're keyboard within windows is set to English. Also make sure your client is set to English, generally speaking a quick /reload in game helps  a lot.

If you're still having issues I encourage you to join our discord ! I can be far more helpful there.

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Yeah that would be appreciated, I’ve reloaded 10 different profiles, I’ve downloaded a few grinding profiles from the forums, all my guy does is run around, pull with earthshock and then chain melees until either me or the mob dies lol. I’ll eventually get to making my own but I was hoping there was something basic I could load on the meantime. Thanks I’ll try and join the discord when time permits

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