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[TBC][Horde] Grind Your Ass To 70 Profiles


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[TBC][Horde] Grind Your Ass To 70 Profiles:

- Simply load under the profile tab, make sure to be within that zone, prepare your combat tab, and hit start

- Grind zones for entire zones in one profile

- Prioritizes beasts for toons that wish to skin during the leveling process

- Vendors for repair/sell have already been set

- For those that want the entire package, I have included a zip of the folder as well


**This is definitely NOT the fastest/best way to grind. This is supposed to be an easy solution to give users something to just grab and go without having to worry about setting anything up or having to know how to record paths/set vendors.
**This is currently unoptimized seeing as we are only able to use 1 mob to farm. When I can go back and add 2-4 mobs per grind period, this will become FAR more viable.

**Currently Updating. Please provide any feedback via here or on discord. Will update accordingly

**These are in development, so some are untested and may have issues


**Known Issues:
- Possibly too many beasts for early levels. Lack of gold/items

- Dealing with only being able to farm 1 mob at a time, so possible multi-pulls and won't loot mob we aren't farming

- Some mobs might be in multiple zones and cause bot to run off. Let me know if this happens

- Currently Updating Thousand Needles - Replacing Wyverns

- Currently Updating Nagrand - Replacing Talbuk


- Use Faralas  to 48 and don't do harpies, but they are there till 51 if you want to try

- Use Tanaris 48-51 but it has more if you wish to try

**Recommended Route:
1-32 Only One Path
32-45 STV/Badlands
45-48 Feralas
48-51 Tanaris
51-56 Ungoro
56-60 Winterspring (Or move on to Outlands - HFP at Level 58)
In order of profiles


Haybale_1-12_Tauren.lua Haybale_1-12_Undead.lua Haybale_13-27_Barrens.lua Haybale_27-32_ThousandNeedles.lua Haybale_32-40_Desolace.lua Haybale_32-43_STV.lua Haybale_37-45_Badlands.lua Haybale_40-51_Tanaris.lua Haybale_45-51_Feralas.lua Haybale_49-56_Ungoro.lua Haybale_56-60_Winterspring.lua Haybale_58-60_HFP.lua Haybale_60-64_Zangarmarsh.lua Haybale_68-70_BladesEdge.lua Haybale_1-12_BloodElf.lua Haybale_1-12_OrcTroll.lua



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