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Blood Elf Start Area Questing 1-10 Eversong Forest


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Just ran this for a while at got stuck on the 5th quest, seems your order of objective is wrong :

[5] = {"Felendren the Banished",8335,"Lanthan Perilon",15281,{{"KillMobAndLoot",15273,8},{"KillMob",15298,2},{"KillMobAndLoot",15367,1}},15281,"Lanthan Perilon"},

Oh, and the last objective should also be set to KillMobandLoot as you need to loot his head !

that's the corrected version you might want to update yours when you get a chance 😛 I'll let you know / correct it as I go along, otherwise good work so far.

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Oh that's something i fucked up. I changed the order but forgot the "objectives" when doing that, thanks! 😄

I've changed it now, you only need to loot last objective of the quest, should be good now 🙂

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