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Alliance -- Outlands Questing


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This is the thread for alliance questing profiles.

Pathing in Outlands is a bit messy and bot will sometimes need your help to get to 1st or 2nd floor of the building,or when dies in Hellfire Peninsula at Temple of Telhamat and get quests from Amaani the Wise,you need to help path down/up the stairs,otherwise profiles are AFK-able 90%-

I NEVER SUGGEST doing questing profiles without any supervision of the bot.



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Hellfire Peninsula -- alliance questing profile--Almost 100% afk You need to manually do the quest from portal FP to HH flight path,and help pathing bot first 2-3 q in honor hold to get to second floor of hold and down,after that is mostly afk When you get to quests around Temple of Telhamat if your char dies it has problem pathing from that GY and later when you get quests from Amaan the Wise it has problem pathing down the stairs,also help char in both cases to get down from the stairs and it is GG PATHING is not QUESTING issue,it has problems with bot and meshes and will probably be fixed soon,but I have tested on 3 chars and with full rested i got 58-62 and without rested you get around 2 full levels,depends how much mobs you kill on the way

[Speedy]A_Hellfire Peninsula .lua

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