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troy svien

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Can we get a follow/assist feature so we can have a acct with this programs heal or assist Damage of another acct?   Or maybe theres a way to do it now I just don't see it.

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Yea there is a plugin included in the BOT that does this if you have some basic knowledge of programing you can easily change it to better suit you.

But here is a basic run down :

- Open your BOT folder then open the Plugins folder.
- Find the Slave.lua file and open it with notepad (preferably notepad++)
- Look for the 5th line in the file ie :


MasterName = "Mymasters"; -- You would change this to the name of your master char!

- Replace the "Mymaster" with the characters name you want the BOT to follow IE :


MasterName = "MrFade"; -- You would change this to the name of your master char!

- Start both WoWs and login to the characters.
- Make sure BOTH chars are near one another.
- Start the BOT and attach it to the SLAVE account (the one that is gonna follow the master).
- Go to the plugin tab within WEPW and load the Slave.lua file. 

After all that the BOT should follow your master and attack whatever it is attacking. 

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