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Getting started with WEPW


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Hello and welcome,

If you've just purchased WEPW and have no idea how to get started you're in the right place. 

First and for most it's important to ensure that your WoW has our addon (Re-Binder) installed if you have no idea how to install addons to wow follow this guide
Once you've got your addon correctly installed start up your WoW, login and enter the world on a character you would like to BOT on.

Once you're in-game start up the WEPW exe and you'll be greeted by the following(subject to change) :


Simply input your username (or email) & password into the login handler (the same login information you use on our site.)
Once you've hit "Log In" after a few seconds you should be greeted with the following messages :


(If you get an error when attempting to login please read over this guide otherwise create a support thread Here.)

Now that you've logged in you should notice your WoW window has been renamed to " [Number]WoW " this is on purpose to make selecting the correct WoW simple.
To the right of the Login Handler you get the Client Manager as you can see in the image above we have not yet attached to any WoW process and so all our other tabs are grayed out.
Attaching to a WoW process is as easy as clicking the drop down and selecting  your WoW process. 


As I only currently have one WoW process running that's all that will be listed.

After clicking attach the may take a second then all the other tabs should appear available if you get any "Incorrect game version" errors it's important to rather wait for us to update our client and ensure everything is safe and running before attempting to BOT.

That's about it for the getting started guide ! 

If you are having any issues that you can't seem to solve please create a thread in our support section Here

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