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*[Items]Fixed a bug with item management, this bug would not correctly update item keybinds after a item was deleted or a new 
item was looted. This will hopefully improve mounting as well as other item management.
*[Items]Fixed a bug that would cause item keybind loading to fail resulting in the BOT using incorrect items (failing to eat, drink or mount), This bug would only happen if the user was running a combat rotation.

*[Auto-loot]The BOT will now check for near by loot (within ~20 yards) if there is no other loot the BOT will mount after looting.
*[Auto-loot] Fixed a bug that would cause the BOT to think it was stuck in a mesh hole and back peddle for ~ 2 seconds after looting or skinning mobs.
*[Skinning]Fixed a bug that would cause the BOT to stop pathing after skinning (only happened if you had both auto-loot and auto-skin enabled)
*[Auto-Loot] Auto-loot & Skinning have both been added to the unstuck list, if the player gets stuck on its path to loot or skin the BOT will now correctly attempt to unstuck.
*[Auto-loot] Improved auto-loot and skinning speed, previously the BOT would take ~ 2 seconds before attempting to loot or skin this has been greatly improved.
*[Auto-loot] The BOT will now prioritize looting over auto-targeting.
*[Drinking]Fixed drinking, The BOT will now drink at the currect mana target. Previously it would always drink after combat.

*[Config]Fixed config errors, the BOT will now only attempt to save/write to the config file every ~12 seconds.
*[Config]Fixed a bug that would make the config file save as a blank file.

*[Pulling] Mages,Warlocks and Preists will now also stay at range while pulling.
*[Pulling] Ranged classes will attempt to correctly face a mob if it gets the error message "Target needs to be in front of you." [still in testing]
*[Pulling] Mage,Warlocks and Preists will press 3 on your action bar ONCE (if a rotation is loaded) to pull agro of the MOB from afar. This can be used for stunning or fearing etc etc...
*[Pulling] Added better tapped checks to the BOT, the BOT will no longer attempt to kill or loot a mob that has been tapped.
*[Combat] Added checks to prevent the BOT from runing through its target multiple times during combat.
*[Combat] Loading a rotation file with errors in it will now no longer crash WEPW.(The rotation wont run but the exact syntax error will be displayed in the console window.)

*[Addon]Fixed addon to correct keybind all spells in players spellbook previously there was a bug that skipped a page of the spellbook this often caused issues for ferals and those with a lot of spells.
*[Addon/Selling Grays]Fixed addon to create all macros again...This will fix issues with vendoring/mailing.
*[Selling grays] Fixed a bug that would prevent the BOT from correctly reading the amount of free slots in the players inventory this would result in the player FAILING to sell grey items and getting stuck.

*[Unstuck] Reworked unstucking logic once again...If jumping or strafing slightly fails to unstuck the player, the BOT will now generate a path to a random point within a 50 yard radius.
*[Unstuck] If the BOT dismounts during the unstuck method, it will remount at the next waypoint.

*[Minor]Removed old debug lines.
*[Minor]The BOT will now attempt to mount a second time if the first fails.
*[Minor]Auto-Target and Gather-Distance both have a default of 40 yards.(this can be seen in the UI and of course loading a profile will still set this automatically)
*[Minor] When loading a profile or rotation the file explorer will now default to the Profiles or Rotations folder.
*[Minor] Keybind thread will now only start once the user has attached to a WoW previously started on sucesfull login.
*[Crashes]Improved stability of client (should reduces crashes)

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