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  4. MrFade

    Cant Login

    Hey mate, sorry to see you're having issue logging. Please ensure you're using the correct email and password the login is indeed case sensitive. if you're still struggling to login - throw me a PM of your log file here or on discord. I will respond far quicker there. In the meantime I'll add two days to your license to make up for the down time. Discord Server regards.
  5. Drifar

    Cant Login

    [8:00 AM] Active WEPW purchase found... [8:00 AM] Failed to establish session... [8:00 AM] Failed to to login please contant an admin with your debug log...
  6. I'll refund you in a few here mate. Sorry for the inconvenience we currently only support WOTLK at the time of the OC thread we did indeed support SoM. We do have hopes of supporting retail and possibly classic in the future. Take care. refunded and closed
  7. Bought because it said it was for classic in ownedcore selling thread, can I have a refund since it isn't for classic wow?
  8. I bought the software for retail classic wow but am unable to load it onto "wow0". Says that the version is not supported and that I should wait for you to update. Is the software not for retail or what? Please help me out. Thanks.
  9. MrFade

    Wrong Version

    Sadly we currently only support tbc and up. We do hope to expand our support to other version hopefully soon. If you were only planning on using wepw on classic. I can offer you a refund mate. Just throw me a pm here or on discord. Regards.
  10. Hi i get the error message "WEPW does not currently support version 48611 WoW please wait while we update" I thought this supporter classic wow? or is it only tbc and up? thanks id advance
  11. Yea there is a plugin included in the BOT that does this if you have some basic knowledge of programing you can easily change it to better suit you. But here is a basic run down : - Open your BOT folder then open the Plugins folder. - Find the Slave.lua file and open it with notepad (preferably notepad++) - Look for the 5th line in the file ie : - Replace the "Mymaster" with the characters name you want the BOT to follow IE : - Start both WoWs and login to the characters. - Make sure BOTH chars are near one another. - Start the BOT and attach it to the SLAVE account (the one that is gonna follow the master). - Go to the plugin tab within WEPW and load the Slave.lua file. After all that the BOT should follow your master and attack whatever it is attacking.
  12. Yes as plugin you can heal Dps is also possible but you need similar plugin
  13. Can we get a follow/assist feature so we can have a acct with this programs heal or assist Damage of another acct? Or maybe theres a way to do it now I just don't see it.
  14. Love the paly one great work. Will DL the others now also!
  15. Hello, Bought the bot, can not log in. tried changing password, no succes.
  16. Xemnas

    Orna Bot

    Oh dear lord, haven't thought of that game in a hot minute 🤔 I mean, anything's possible but I know odie was cracking on emulators pretty hard back in the day. If enough interest was shown I would seriously consider bringing it back to life. 🙂
  17. DickDastardly

    Orna Bot

    I found an old video of an Orna GPS RPG bot that ya'll used to run. Was wondering the odds of it being brought back.
  18. Functions: Here i will talk about what a function can be used for, as you see in the file you downloaded in the first step there was already a function made, Thanks to @MrFade. function UseHearthStone() UseItem("Hearthstone"); SleepPlugin(500); while(Player.IsChanneling or Player.IsCasting) do SleepPlugin(100); end; while(InGame == false) do SleepPlugin(100); end; end; First we are telling the bot we want to create the function with the line function UseHeartStone() , you can name this whatever you want, but this is the name you will be calling upon later when you want it to use it. Now we tell the bot to do, in this case using our Hearthstone, with the line UseItem("Hearthstone"), this can be done with any item in your inventory. since we are using our hearthstone we know the game will give us a loading screen, so we want the the to to pause our plugin the one you enabled with the funny name for a little time, but we only want it done while we are channeling or casting the item/spell. so we need a "while loop" to check this. while(Player.IsChanneling or Player.IsCasting) do and While we are casting or channeling we want do absolutely nothing so we will tell the bot to Sleep our plugin, i believe this is the plugin you enabled with the funny name that the bot communicates with, done with the line: SleepPlugin(100); Once again to end an "if statement" or in this case a while loop we need to tell the bot we are done with this so you must put the word: end; now we want bot to check, if we are still in the game, as we know when casting a Heartstone successfully we get a loading screen this will for the bot count as not being ingame, so we want the bot to do nothing if that is the case and this is again done with a While Loop: while(InGame == false) do SleepPlugin(100); end; and again we have to sleep our plugin so the bot will not try and do anything like Jumping or Moving. and last but not least since we are done with both our While loops but we are still within an "If statement" we ofcause have to end this "if statement" with the line: end; so you get the full function as listed at the start. To use this function all you have to do is this simple command UseHearthStone(); this will then tell bot to do everthing. this can be usefull if you want to get fast back to your Inn or start area after doing a quest far away, so you can tell the bot that if a certain quest is complete, then use our function, should look similar to this: if CanTurnInQuest(794) then UseHearthStone(); end; Here is a second function example: this time its to use an item for a quest, in this case a quest in the Night Elf Start zone Quest called "Crown of the Earth" https://www.wowhead.com/classic/quest=921/crown-of-the-earth Here we got to use an item called Crystal Phial, an item we need to fill up with water from a fountain. function UsePhial() UseItem("Crystal Phial"); SleepPlugin(500); while(Player.IsChanneling or Player.IsCasting) do SleepPlugin(100); end; while(InGame == false) do SleepPlugin(100); end; end; As you can see all the info is the same, except the function name "function UsePhial()" and the item we are using "UseItem("Crystal Phial");" to use this function all you have to do is again call upon it like the previous version with a Hearthstone but with the line UsePhial();
  19. You have now Learnt how to: Tell the bot to Pick up and Turn in Quests. Make Quest Objectives, both for killing mobs and gathering from an object. Now i will teach you how to work a little with an if statement, in this first case how to set up a class quest. Again we will be using some of the previous things like Picking up and Turning in quests. In this step comes the point where we will need that very first thing we tell the bot Player = GetPlayer(); Now we will need to make an "If Statement" In an "If statement" you can tell the bot that If we are a specific class, then we want it to "do this", or if we are a specific race "do this", or If a quest is complete or not complete "do this" if(Player.Class == 1) then AcceptQuestFrom(197,3100); Sleep(500); TurnInQuestAt(911,3100); end Here is an explanation to what we do in this line, some will see very familiar to previous guides. First we tel the bot that if we are the Player.Class 1 then "Do This" Player Class numbers can be found here: https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/ClassId The line if(Player.Class == 1) will tell the bot that IF we are a warrior, then go to Quest giver 197 and pick up quest ID 3100 wich in this case is the very first warrior class quest where you meet your class trainer. After this we again like previous tell the bot to Turn in the quest at our Quest NPC in this case our warrior trainer with the ID 911 and again the quest is still 3100. Last we need to tell the bot we are done with our IF statement, by putting the word "end", if this is not done, bot will not know that we are done with the statement and will continue to think we can only do stuff as a warrior. Here is an other example of an If statemen: if CanTurnInQuest(61) then QuestGoToPoint(-9034.468,458.9747,93.05619); QuestGoToPoint(-8856.702,601.0007,92.05086); end Here you will see that i tell the bot that if we can turn in the quest with ID 61, this is the quest "Shipment to Stormwind", then i need to go to these Coordinates. you can use this line QuestGoToPoint(-8856.702,601.0007,92.05086); to sometimes fix pathing issues, where the bot does not know how to generate a path to a quest npc, wich was the case for me in this quest. So since bot did not by it self know the way, i gave it 2 coordinates to follow, first is around the stormwind gate and the next is in front of the building where quest giver is, after this the bot could find the rest of the way by doing the command TurnInQuestAt(279,61); Here is a thid example of an If statemen: In this case we can ask the bot that if the Quest is NOT completed, then do this. if CanTurnInQuest(62) == false then QuestGoToPoint(-9842.827,129.8207,4.87722); QuestGoToPoint(-9830.376,218.5799,15.99259); else TurnInQuestAt(240,62); --- The Fargodeep Mine - Marshal Dughan end As you can see we are asking the bot that if we can turn in the quest 62 is false, meaning that we can NOT turn it in, then go to the Coordinates, else IF we can turn it in, just go turn it in at the Quest NPC.
  20. In this Step I will Explain how to set up other different types of Objectives other then KillMobs or KillMobsAndLoot. We are still working on same principle as the previous post, where you learned how to pick up a quest and how to turn in a quest, and telling the bot to do our objective. now i will take the quest Milly's Harvest and explain how to have a bot Gather an item from an object. Again First we want it to pick up the quest with the line: AcceptQuestFrom(9296,3904); --- Milly's Harvest - Milly Osworth Again First number is the Quest giver NPC "9296", and second number is the Quest ID "3904". Setting up the the Objective is similar to previous except a few things, i will explain: MillyHarvest = {}; MillyHarvest[1] = 161557; --- Milly Harvest Harvest = CreateObjective("GatherObject",1,8,1,3904,nil,TableToList(MillyHarvest)); As you see The first line is the same, we are setting the table we can call later in when creating the objective. The second Line is also very similar, except this time its not a Mob ID this is the ID of the Object we are gathering from, and here i do mean the actual object on the ground you your self would normaly right click to start gathering. https://www.wowhead.com/classic/object=161557/millys-harvest The third Line is again Creating the Objective, but in stead this time we are not killing an NPC we are Gathering an Object, so instead its called GatherObject in stead of KillMobs or KillMobsAndLoot. Note there is a Blue word after the Quest ID "nil", this must be there in a GatherObject Objective, else the bot will give you an Error. And last we are again Calling Upon the Table MillyHarvest where we listed the Object to Interact with for the bot to gather the Item. Harvest = CreateObjective("GatherObject",1,8,1,3904,nil,TableToList(MillyHarvest)); so you will get this full line to that you can now tell the bot do work with. Here is an example of how this quest would look if you only did the quest and nothing else, you can then work it in to your profile your self. You will see alot is very similar to previous step, we are still telling bot our player race and class. We are listing our Quest Objectives for the bot to follow We are telling the bot to Accept the quest from Milly We are telling the bot to do our Objective in this case called "Harvest" Last we are telling the bot to turn in the quest .
  21. Requirements: First we need a Text Editor like Visual Studio/Visual Studio code or Notepad++ You can Download the Questing Guide from this post aswell. Questing Guide.lua Information about this guide: In this guide i will use the human start area as an exalple. All Quest NPC ID and Quest ID are found on Wowhead by searching the quest for example on google or wowhead it self Starting out: The first thing we wanna know is What Race/Class is our player this is done by the command: Player = GetPlayer(); This will return Player Race, Class and everything else we need so we got this placed at top of Profile as we gonna need it first Now your Profile should look something like this: Note the Function made, we will get to how they work later dont worry 🙂 Setting up a Simple Pick up and Turn in quest with no Objectives such as any Start Area Quest: First we want to Accep the Quest, here i will use the quest "A Threat Within" from Deputy Willem as an example from human start area AcceptQuestFrom(823,783); First Number, 823 Is the Quest giver ID we always want to tell the Bot the quest giver we are picking up from. Second Number, 783 is the Quest ID, we tell the bot to pick up this quest from the quest giver we gave bot in the first number Now since this is a Quest where theres no objective or the item needed is given by the quest giver we just want to turn in the quest right away we will use this command: TurnInQuestAt(197,783); Again we got the first number 197, this is the NPC we want to turn quest in to, so same as previous command first number is the NPC, and again we got the Quest ID as the second number being in this case the same Quest we just picked up "A Threat Within" but now we have to turn it into a new Quest giver this time Marshal McBride Your Profile should now look something like this: Setting up a Simple Kill Quest with just 1 Objective: In this examble I will use the Quest Kobold Camp Cleanup as an example Step 1: First again you got to Pick up the quest from the Quest giver: AcceptQuestFrom(197,7); Again First Number "197" is the Quest giver and the Second number "7" is the Quest ID. Now your Quest Profile should look something like this: Step 2: In this quest the bot has to kill 8 Kobold Vermin, to set this up we got to use this KoboldVermin = {}; -- New Table to store our mob IDs KoboldVermin[1] = 6; -- ID for Kobold Vermin KoboldCamp = CreateObjective("KillMobs",1,8,1,7,TableToList(KoboldVermin)); --- the Objective we can call on later in the profile Explanation: First we are "Creating the objective for the bot to store mob IDs in" Second we give the bot the ID of the Mobs we want to kill in this case its Kobold Vermins and they have NPC id 6, found on Wowhead. Third we Create the Objective you can call this what you want, i choose to call it by part of the Quest name in this example CreateObjective = we now tell it to Create the objective with the Name KoboldCamp KillMobs= This is to tell the bot i want to kill the mobs . Other type of this can be KillMobsAndLoot , this will tell bot to Kill the mob AND loot it. in case its a quest where you need to get an item from a mob, such as wolf pelt in Human start area Explaining the Numbers and words following: First Number "1" is telling the bot, this is the first Objective in this quest. Second Number "8" is telling the bot, this is the amount i want to kill in this quest. Third Number "1" is telling the bot, theres only 1 objective in total in this quest. Fourth Number "7" is the Quest ID for this Quest, again the ID is found on Wowhead like you did when you made your Pick up of the quest. TableToList(KiboldVermin) is the Table we just made before to list our Mob ID in earlier. Now we have given the bot all the info we need to complete the quest "Kobold Camp Cleanup" Your profile should now look something like this: Note im still keeping the previous quest there as we ofcause want the Bot to do many in a row. Now we want to tell the bot to actually do the quest, this is done with this Command: DoObjective(KoboldCamp); Here we are telling the Bot to do the Objective we just created called KoboldCamp Step 3: Now after we are at the last step for this type of Quest, Turning it in. We will use this command to do so: TurnInQuestAt(197,7); Again we tell the bot the NPC ID "197" and the Quest ID "7", this will tell the bot to go to the NPC and turn in the quest. Your profile should now look similar to this hopefully: Now you have Learnt a few things: How you tell bot to Pick up Quests. How you tell bot to Turn in Quests. How you Create an Objective for the quest to follow. How you tell the bot to do the Objective you gave it. Next we will do a Quest with other types of Objectives
  22. Taken for possible future use
  23. Hello Gamers Uploading my first take at some questing profiles. So far i've gotten around to Human Start zone, Gnome/Dwarf Start zonel as Nelf, and Later ill update to include Draenei Once i get more and more Parts made i will Combine them into 1 profile, so it wont matter what Race or Class you pick it will be same profile. Its recommended to give the character bags for this as vendoring atm has to be forced by the pfofile and its hard to know when you will be full bags Human/Dwarf/Gnome/Nelf Start Zone: Alliance1-5.lua I've tested this with all classes that Humans, Dwarves, and Gnomes are able to choose, done without the use of Heirlooms, so they should only improve your performance, you should end up in Goldshire/Kharanos as level 5 if you wear no Heirlooms. Draenei Start Zone: Comming Soon Please let me know if you encounter any issues with the actual quests, any pathing issues, bot not killing mobs ect ect. is usually either a Bot issue or Rotation issue not profile.
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