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If it's your first time with WEPW I'd suggest reading over This guide first.

Right so you've installed your addon, logged into WEPW and attached to your client. How do you make a profile !?


Firstly, let's briefly explain the settings and how they work :

The Settings Tab : 


The settings tab stores more general settings about the BOT, non of these settings will be stored to the profile itself however they will be saved to your config file so that when you restart the BOT you don't have to reset everything again, You'll notice there is a button labeled "more Settings"  but we will get back to that at a later date.

The Profile Tab:

Just about every setting here is stored in the profile file itself and will be loaded into the BOT when you (or someone else) loads the given profile. 

Vendor management :


















Vendor management is also stored within the profile file itself, Here you can set if you want the profile to repair/sell greys etc etc.

To set any of these simply run up to the unit you wish to use then click the drop list and select the units name - Only units that can do the required action will be listed in the drop down for example only units that can repair the player will be listed in the repair unit drop down.










Once you've selected the unit you want the BOT to use when repairing tick the enabled box and hit saved!

Remember that you don't  have to use any of these settings for every  profile - if you don't want to add repairing / selling to your profile simply just ignore that section.

Recording waypoints.


Back to the profile tab we can see in the top middle of the tab "Record Path", All we have to do is click that and run our path.

It's recommended that you run a big circle (So you end where you start) once you've made your path, you can click "Stop Recording".

The Gathering Tab


Right so we have our path (where the BOT must follow) now we need to setup some actions for the BOT to do along that path, In the top left corner of this tab you'll notice what's referred to as the gathering list - That is where you put the names of any OBJECTS you want the BOT to gather, You can see the input box with the grey text "node name" simply type the object name you wish to gather and click the "Add Object ID" button just above the input box. Once we've got a list of objects we wish to gather look to the right of the tab at "Gather Distance limit" this how far the BOT will go (off your main path) to gather the objects in our list, If you leave this at zero it will never leave the path to gather. (I'd suggest leaving it around 1000).

Example :



The Combat Tab


So lets say you want the BOT to follow our path but instead of gathering you want it to grind mods (you can make it do BOTH if you set up both lists). You'll need to edit the combat tab - This tab works very much like the gathering tab as such we have to edit our combat list (Names of UNITS we want the BOT to kill). It's important you enabled Auto-Target or the BOT will not actively look for units, Directly under that is the distance (in yards) that the BOT will look for mentioned units.

Example :


Right now that we've setup our path and both our combat / gathering lists we are ready to save our profile! 
Head back to the profiles tab and look at the middle left of the tab just under the "Save Profile" button you'll see an input box where you can name your profile, Once you've named it just click the button and you're good to go. Right after that you can just click the Start button (directly underneath the Save Profile button) and the BOT will jump into action!

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