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[H] Intangible grinding pack 58-70


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58-63 Starving Helboars (Spinebreaker)
60-64 Deranged Helboars (Near ogri'la HFP spot)
60-64 Helboars (Falcon Watch)
60-64 Hulking Helboars

60-65 Zangramarsh (Ylasor profile, send him your ty's)

65-68 Terokkar_Auchindoun (also a Ylasor profile, I think - small edits)

64-68 Nagrand_south (Southeast of Telaar, pretty smooth iirc)
67 Nagrand_voidspawns (Motes of shadow)

68-70 Netherstorm_shaleskin  (right outside A52, motes of mana galore)

70 SMV_FireElementals (mote of fire, but kind of a shit profile tbh - never polished)

As with all my projects, these are all open-source and you're free to edit and share them however you see fit.
I will do my best to offer support if it's requested in the proper channels (ie. in WEPW discord, not via DMs), but I am not a WEPW dev nor am I compensated; as such, "I'll get to it when I get to it".  ty ❤️




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