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Horde Kalimdor questing profiles


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As its name says this is horde questing profile thread.

All profiles have vendors included and will be updated accordingly to your feedback.

There is one profile that will eventually be 1-60 and there are profile for each zone Durotar,Barrens,Stonetalons etc.

For any issues,ideas,improvements and bugs with it write here or contact me on discord : speedysaky#8556








[Speedy]Thousand Needles Horde-Questing.lua [Speedy]Ashenvale - Horde.lua



[Speedy]Tanaris-Horde-Questing.lua [Speedy]Desolace-Horde-Questing.lua

[Speedy]Silithus-Horde-Questing.lua [Speedy]Azshara-Horde-Questing.lua [Speedy]Azshara-Horde-Questing.lua.bak [Speedy]Feralas-Horde-Questing.lua [Speedy]Mulgore-Horde-Questing.lua


[Speedy]UnGoro Crater-Horde-Questing.lua

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01.08.2022.---fixed Break a few egg quest in 1-60 and Durotar profile,change to durotar quest order,removed quests that have bugs with bot

Ashenvale and Thousand needles profiles added,not sure how they will act with bot as i cant test them,i suggest chars lvl 28+ for both

02.08. Durotar fully tested and fixed/removed non doable q//1-60 fixed all durotar quests and their order

02.08. Mulgore tested and changed quest order

08.08. Added Tanaris and Desolace

10.08. Added Ungoro,Silithus,Felwood and Winterspring

22.08. Fixed Barrens Southsea Freebooters Q


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