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Eastern Kingdoms HORDE questing profiles


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All profiles have vendors included and will be updated accordingly to your feedback.


For any issues,ideas,improvements and bugs with it write here or contact me on discord : speedysaky#8556

[Speedy]Blasted Lands-Horde- Quests.lua [Speedy]Badlands-Horde- Quests.lua [Speedy]Arathi Highlands-Horde- Quests.lua

[Speedy]Silverpine Forest-Horde- Quests.lua [Speedy]Tirisfal Glades-Horde- Quests.lua

[Speedy]Hilsbrad Foothils-Horde- Quests.lua

[Speedy]Western Plaguelands-Horde- Quests.lua

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