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Destroy items plugin


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Welcome to Destroy items plugin thread.

This plugin is designed to work with DeJunk addon that can be found at DeJunk.

Follow steps from the guide and look at pictures provided.


Steps to make it working

1. Install DeJunk addon
2.Open addon config window
3.Go to Destroy --Inclusions window
4.Drag and drop item-items from your inventory to that list
5.Close addon window after you are done with your list
6.Press ESC and go to MACROS
7.In Character specific macros CREATE NEW MACRO
8.Macro name : Destroy
9.Macro code
/dejunk destroy start
/dejunk destroy next
10.Save macro
11.Drag macro to your bar
12.Reload UI
13.Start your bot
14.Click Fishing tab
15.Click Load Plugin
16.Select DestroyDeJunk.lua and click OPEN
17.Start your profile and rotation and enjoy




Plugin tab.jpg

Load plugin.jpg

Load DestroyDeJunk file.jpg


Destroy plugin.txt DestroyDeJunk.lua

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