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[HACKS] WotLK Premium Rotation Packages - Free Versions


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=  What is HACKS? =
HACKS stands for Haybale's Advanced Combat Knowledge Solutions
. These rotations are much more than a simple rotation of skills and priorities. These rotations contain logic modeling which allow your character to consider what is happening with the bot’s environment and how it should react. Rotations are offered both for AFK automated play, and also hands on, self driven play for end game PvE/PvP content. Comfortably AFK knowing your bot will react to accidental multi-pulls, and high danger situations with advance defensive logic. Use end game PvE rotations in raids/dungeons either manually or allow the rotation to smart target/cast for you. These rotations know what/who is around you, if they are friendly or not, how to handle them, and possibly even what you ate for breakfast. Get HACKS today to elevate your gaming experience.

=  Descriptions  =
— 1-80 Leveling/Grinding:
- Currently supports 1 spec for each class. Future may bring more, but this guarantees each class can/will comfortably make it to max level and smoothly farm once there. Complex rotations that insure the bot will play smart and safe while facing the open world.
— Dungeon/Raid:
- Rotations for all specs of designated class in order to produce solid Raid/Dungeon performance at max level.
— PvP Rotations:
- Rotations for each class in order to produce solid PvP performance focused on arena.

= Current Status =
- HACKS will be, for the majority, a premium paid service for users that want to increase either their AFK botting experience or that of the end game raid/pvp user. These will be rolled out in the future as the material I have prepared is updated for WotLK and the rotations have reached publishing quality.
- Currently, I will update this thread with my Leveling/Grinding rotation releases. These are developed for leveling use, or with the idea of grinding in the open world.
- I have set the level cap to 79 (will never be 80).
- The Dungeon/Raid/PvP and level 80 packages will all be available for purchase when purchasing has been made possible.
- Official Discord and Shop in development
- Things to expect soon:
- Mut Rogue - Raid/Dungeon
- Blood DK - Raid/Dungeon
- Resto Druid - Raid/Dungeon
- Resto Druid Healbot - Raid/Dungeon (Auto targets and heals players within range)
- Druid Cat - Raid/Dungeon
- Druid Bear - Raid/Dungeon
- Rest of DK and Paladin offerings

= Current Releases And Their Descriptions =

  • Druid
    • Feral
      • Grinding/Leveling
        • HACKS_Druid_Feral_LevelGrinding_NoFormOOC
          • Feral Grinding Rotation - Won't form out of combat. Good for farming ore/herbs.
        • HACKS_Druid_Feral_LevelGrinding_AlwaysCat
          • Feral Grinding Rotation - Will always prio cat form out of combat.
        • HACKS_Druid_Feral_LevelGrinding_AlwaysCat_AlwaysStealth
          • Feral Grinding Rotation - Will always prio cat form AND stay stealthed. (may not work as intended currently)
        • HACKS_Druid_Feral_LevelGrinding_AlwaysCat_StealthApproach
          • Feral Grinding Rotation - Will always prio cat form AND stealth when approaching the target (use target early in bot feature to decide how early to target/stealth)
  • Deathknight
    • Blood
      • Grinding/Leveling
        • HACKS_Deathknight_Blood_LevelGrinding
          • Blood DK Grinding Rotation - Needs Glyph of Raise Dead
        • HACKS_Deathknight_Blood_LevelGrinding_NoRaiseDeadGlyph
          • Blood DK Grinding Rotation - For those without Glyph of Raise Dead
  • Rogue
    • Combat
      • Grinding/Leveling
        • HACKS_Rogue_Combat_LevelGrinding
          • Combat ROgue Grinding Rotation (Stealth on approach) set with default target early bot option
  • Paladin
    • Ret
      • Grinding/Leveling
        • HACKS_Paladin_Ret_LevelGrinding
          • Ret Grinding Rotation

=  Instructions  =
- Extract the desired class folder to a location on your computer. Then move each rotation's parent folder into the rotations folder.
- Rotation.shadow is the same as your Rotation.cs rotations, do not worry that it is a different file type
--- Download and extrade HACKS_Druid_Free.zip to a location (lets say desktop).
--- Open HACKS_Druid_Free folder, and then open your WEPW folder (lets say desktop/WEPW)
--- Drag desired rotation parent folder (lets say HACKS_Druid_Feral_LevelGrinding_NoFormOOC) into your rotations folder (lets say desktop/WEPW/Rotations).
--- Final folder structure would look like this: Desktop/WEPW/Rotations/HACKS_Druid_Feral_LevelGrinding_NoFormOOC/Rotation.shadow

- Select the Rotation.shadow inside that folder when adding a rotation to the bot process

=  Final Comments  =
- These rotations are meant to be top notch, if you are noticing issues, please let me know. Please try to keep these comments on the discord in the #rotations tab so that this forum post can stay uncluttered for reviews and more general comments.










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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, OldSchoolBotter said:

trying to load any of them gives me "failed to load this rotation"

Please be sure to read the post carefully, as this is most likely a folder structure issue. Make sure to extract the folder to your WEPW folder just as you would for any Rotation.cs file. The Rotation.shadow should be treated the same way. Please feel free to contact me via discord or any other tester or MrFade if you need further help, I would like to keep this thread clean for more of major review/comment type of responses.

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