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[HACKS] WotLK Premium Rotation Packages - Free Versions


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=  What is HACKS? =
HACKS stands for Haybale's Advanced Combat Knowledge Solutions
. These rotations are much more than a simple rotation of skills and priorities. These rotations contain logic modeling which allow your character to consider what is happening with the bot’s environment and how it should react. Rotations are offered both for AFK automated play, and also hands on, self driven play for end game PvE/PvP content. Comfortably AFK knowing your bot will react to accidental multi-pulls, and high danger situations with advance defensive logic. Use end game PvE rotations in raids/dungeons either manually or allow the rotation to smart target/cast for you. These rotations know what/who is around you, if they are friendly or not, how to handle them, and possibly even what you ate for breakfast. Get HACKS today to elevate your gaming experience.


= Hacks 2.0 Release =


With this latest update of WEPW, I am pleased to announce the official release of open beta for the HACKS current rotation offerings. These rotations are a premium offering that will be free to use until April 1st. Please use and abuse these rotations. I have tested many of the features but there are a lot of them to check to make sure everything functions properly. Please tag me with issues here in the #rotations channel or feel free to PM me with any issues or feature add requests. If the idea of changing settings is a bit much, don’t fret, simply select your spec and Enable the default settings. Hit save, exit, and the rotation will load normally. These rotations are built to only need your spec selection and so long as default settings is enabled, they are an out of the box solution to your rotation needs.

- Rotations work at ALL levels: Smart logic applied to rotation in order to check for if the player has a spell and then builds its rotation off of the current spell book.

- Settings: Rotations include class and spec specific settings. Manage how and when your bot uses its cooldowns. Settings too overwhelming? Feel free to use the default settings option. Settings will be set to the default, allowing you to simply select what spec you wish to use and it will figure out the rest.

- Target awareness: Understands what targets are around the bot and how to interact with them. No more trying to spam attack a friendly target or cast spells on NPCs.

- Smart Spell Logic: Understands how and when spells should be used. Smart spell logic means spell priority is dynamic and no longer are you stuck trying to use a melee spell when far away just because it sits higher on the priority list. (Currently only implemented on Paladin)

Upcoming Additions:

- Paladin: Dispel

- DK/Rogue/Druid: Smart Cast Logic addition

- Paladin: Holy

- Druid: Resto

- Rogue: Sub

=  Instructions  =
- Unzip the contents to your Rotation Folder and let at it

- Simply select your settings, save, hit exit, and you are ready to go!

- Select the Rotation.shadow inside that folder when adding a rotation to the bot process

=  Final Comments  =
- These rotations are meant to be top notch, if you are noticing issues, please let me know. Please try to keep these comments on the discord in the #rotations tab so that this forum post can stay uncluttered for reviews and more general comments.










434646197_HACKSUltimatePaladinSuite.rar 2125032638_HACKSUltimateDeathknightSuite.rar 801727483_HACKSUltimateDruidSuite.rar 389324769_HACKSUltimateRogueSuite.rar [HACKS]PoisonMacros.txt

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6 hours ago, OldSchoolBotter said:

trying to load any of them gives me "failed to load this rotation"

Please be sure to read the post carefully, as this is most likely a folder structure issue. Make sure to extract the folder to your WEPW folder just as you would for any Rotation.cs file. The Rotation.shadow should be treated the same way. Please feel free to contact me via discord or any other tester or MrFade if you need further help, I would like to keep this thread clean for more of major review/comment type of responses.

Edited by Haybale
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