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Hello guys and welcome.

This guides assumes you've read and are update to date with the Getting Started Guide.

At the top of  WEPW you'll find all the tabs of the BOT here is where most of the BOTs features and settings live (some have their own windows)
In this guide we'll be having a quick look over the profile tab and what everything does.


--Load Profile--
As most things on the UI this is rather self explanatory, If you click this button a selection window will appear where you can select what profile you wish to load.
Profiles can contain a lot of information and are super helpful for creating a "click and forget system"  some info that can be stored in profiles are :
*Mailbox location
*Vendor location
*Whitelists of nodes to gather
*List of waypoints (or a path) to follow
*Whitelists of mobs to kill (and to auto loot or skin them)
etc etc

Upon clicking the vendor button the BOT will check if you are currently targeting a NPC in-game. If you are, the BOT will ask you if wish to save  this NPC as a vendor to either repair or sell junk at.
If you are not targeting any NPC in-game the BOT will open a new window that has various settings allowing you decide when the BOT will repair or sell junk items.

--Mail Items--
If you are standing near a mailbox in-game the BOT will ask if you wish to save and use this mailbox to mail items to an alt or bank.
If you are not standing near a mailbox in-game the BOT will open a new window that allows you to setup a list of items to mail and whom to mail them to.

The BOT will open a new window that will allow you select food & drink to use after combat and set the percent of health / Mana to drink / eat at.

--Saving a profile--
If you load a profile you may notice a lot of the above information automatically populate including information in the Gathering or Combat tab. If you edit any of this information IE change what objects to gather or what mobs to kill and then save the profile all your changes will be saved on that profile. Making it super easy to edit existing profiles.  Or just simply creating your own. 


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