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[HM] - Burning Steeps


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Burning Steppes Route avg is about 100gph Have seen 150gph as well. Includes a bunch of Black list to avoid lava and trouble spots 

2 routes 1 include the "Caves" which is the east side of the map. There are almost no blacklists on this route (Except the lava) so it will try for all herbs / ore / Lotus. (this path is still in testing)

The other "No Caves" has a ton of blacklists and it misses some Lotus I find this to be the more afk and better route right now. I have hundreds and hundreds of hours into this No Caves path. 




[A]-Burning Steppes-No Caves 275-375.json [A]-Burning Steppes - Caves 275-375.json

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