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Hello WEPW-Community


First of all realy sorry for my typos but English isnt my native language, (Please use only English or Portuguese, if you report bugs oe something), second lets improve this wonderful bot with special profiles. I can only say thanks and keep your good job devs, profile plugings and CR writers, Thank You All.


About my profiles ( Cava's profiles)

Will be:

    -Quest leveling profiles.  All Horde 1 to 12: Done  

    -Grind leveling profiles. All Horde 1 to 12: Done

    -Gathering leveling profession profiles Aliance mining 1 to 325:Done,  Aliance Herbalism 1 to 325:Done

    -Gathering mats profiles


Will try all 100% AFK with no babysitting

V4 released : Horde  questing 6 to 12 +  Horde  grinding 1 to 12






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Alliance Leveling 0

Aliance Mining 1 to 325

Aliance Herbalism 1 to 315


Horde Leveling 1 to 12

Horde Grinding 1 to 12

How to use. Unzip Cavaprofiles zip file to bot profiles folder

after bot finish each profile, you need:

    -delete old quests ( bot always pick up some quests wich will not use)

    -train, learn spells,

    -clean bags, buy ammo, food, water.

    -move bot to new location

    -finaly  load next profile


Leveling Path:


All learn Skills, Buy Bags, Clean Bags, Buy Ammo/Water/Food, Move to New Location,Shaman: learn earth Totem


All learn Skills, Clean Bags, Buy Ammo/Water/Food, Move to New Location,Shaman: learn Fire Totem,  Hunter learn  Tame Beast, Warlock learn Summon Voidwalker

All casters equip Wand


All learn Skills, Clean Bags, Buy Ammo/Water/Food, Move to New Location, Paladin learn Redemption

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  • Cava changed the title to Cava's Profiles

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